Thursday, January 13, 2011

High Tea

High Tea is light meal which be taken from 3 pm till 6pm .The custom of drinking tea originated in England. Most it was served in teacup and tea is brew in a teapot. It comes with sandwiches with cucumber,eggs,smoked salman or scones with jam and butter,even with cake and pastries. High tea in Asia normaly served with asian foods like noodles, pancakes, curry and desserts .

Today i was with my clients for Lunch in Impiana Hotel KLCC , someone in the table ask me what is like the scene for High Tea in Kuala Lumpur. Every one was giving out names of few hotels which use to have good High Tea normaly in malaysian High Tea there use to be lots of local food like curry, noodles,locol kuih some Malay,Chinese and Indian foods.

Evennow in 2011 most of the hotels have the same concept. I ask them why Hotels in malaysia esp Kuala Lumpur never do Kids High Tea.

It will be stress free you dont have leave your kids behind when the parents go for High Tea, most of the Hotel PastryChef can come up with lovely Fairy cup Cakes even indulging their sweet tooth and Poached Chicken Sandwhich forstart. Tea or Juice serve in small Cups

The Mum and Dad can enjoy their own high tea. Lets see which Hotel will come up with this ideas

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