Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dhobi Ghat India entry for Oscar

I was looking forward to watch Dhobi Ghat for few reasons one it was Amir Khan production. this movie was direct by his beloved Wife Kiran Rao. The other reason the late bengali Actress Smita Patel son Prateik. I was waiting with super enthusiasm
The flim explores with 4 main role unexpectedly come with one another. There were no lips synched songs, no choregraphed dance squences. In my view Dhobi Ghat is not typical bollywood masala movie
Amir Khan took the back stand did outstanding job while Prateik Babbar act as Munna a young handsome Dhobi who dreams to be come a bollywood star. Prateik Babbar offer funny,charming and a sensitive performance. You will feel his presence thruout the Movie. If his mum Smita Patel still around will be proud of Prateik.
Mumbhai was presented which has sea of people, the energetic streets life ,the traffic and the rain which was shown from being of the movie till end Academy award winning argentine composer Gustavo Santaolalla who havedone backround score for Babel and Brokeback moutain plus it was non indian who did backround score for Dhobi Ghat.
At the end of the day Kiron Roa bring out the best in every from Amir,Prateik,Monica, Kirti and mumbhai .Good job done by Kiron. Worth a watch comes with wonderful English subtitle .

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